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by rscottjones

Are you creating your own virtual realities or are you a “life happens to me and then I react” type person? I have learned, by doing, that we create our lives, what happens to us, and then we also choose how we react to those things. I know so many people say, “I would never create sickness or heartache.”. Yes you would. Your soul has a bigger plan for your life than your own limited human mind. After we come out of hard times and look back, we can ALWAYS see a lesson and where and how we grew in those situations.

Today’s Daily Quote is from Michael Crichton, the American author. His birthday is today, October 23rd. Mr. Crichton said:

We all live each day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas.

What you may not know about Michael Crichton is that he went to medical school and became a practicing medical doctor. He realized quite early on that he wasn’t a great doctor. Mr. Crichton was quoted as saying he had a tendency to faint when drawing blood. He also caused quite the stir when he was studying at Harvard when he developed the belief that all diseases, including heart attacks, were caused by the patient’s thoughts and state of mind. He understood that creating good health is simply us creating our own healthy virtual realities in our heads.

I am always saying that I am the healthiest person on the planet. When I do go to doctors, they are always amazed at my blood work levels, etc.. I chuckle. I really do believe that I am healthy at all times. I rarely get sick.

There are other people who cannot wait to tell you about their sicknesses and aches and pains. Those people live in virtual realities that they created of sickness and pain.
For today, let’s focus on what we are creating. Let’s focus on our predominate thoughts and feelings. Are we positive or are we negative? Do we speak healing into our bodies or more sickness and pain? Are our virtual realities based in positivity or negativity?  When you catch yourself thinking from a place of negativity, fear, or pain today, stop yourself. What is the exact opposite thought of that thought? Think THAT. Whether you choose to believe it or not, you are the only one responsible for everything going on in your world. You chose it. You created it. You are the only one who can change it. Have fun with this and be open to seeing just where your virtual realities could use some fine tuning.

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