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by gsbrown99

There are many different ways to make money online, but not every way he is right for each of us. We all have different abilities and different interests in how we want to approach making more money on the Internet. In this article we want to discuss the differences between being an Internet worker, or an Internet marketer, and why that is extremely important when it comes to making money online.

Let me give you an example using and often search phrase paid surveys. An Internet worker is somebody who wants to complete surveys and get paid for their efforts. An Internet marketer is someone who wants to sell the paid survey opportunity. Do you see the difference?

Maybe this will clear it up a little bit. In the 1800′s the great gold rush produced people from all across the country looking to cash in on this newfound wealth opportunity. What is surprising is the people that made the most money were not the miners, but were the general stores selling tools.

Most of the people who went out and panned for gold every day did not make much money. The owners of the general store, made all kinds of money selling picks, pans, axes, and whatever else the panhandlers needed to do their work.

This same philosophy still applies today. There is nothing wrong with being an Internet worker. An Internet worker would be somebody who’s interested in doing a job on the Internet.

There are more opportunities cropping up every day for telecommuting work company where a business will pay you to work for them from the comfort of your own home. You are just not making a daily commute to the office everyday.

Another example of an Internet worker would be someone who is interested in doing data entry and typing at home. The Internet marketer is the person selling the reports and e-books on how to make money and where to find companies interested in working with you to type at home for them.

Another type of person who is an Internet marketer is someone who wants to start their own Internet business. These people are willing to take the time to learn the skills that it takes to become successful marketing online. They are more entrepreneurial in spirit.

They must learn to do things like start a blog, build a website, e-mail marketing, traffic generation methods, and more. A popular way that this is done is through creating their own products, joining a home business opportunity, selling private label right products, affiliate marketing, and so on.

The Internet worker is not interested in taking the time to learn these skills. What they want is to see results right away. They know that if they fill out a survey for five dollars they are going to get paid five dollars. They also understand that their money is directly proportional to the amount of work they are doing at the present time.

It is important that you clearly define what your goals are when you go online looking for ways to make money. There is nothing wrong with being an Internet worker or being an Internet marketer. The important thing is that you do not waste your time trying to do something that does not appeal to you.

I have seen many Internet workers trying to start their own Internet marketing business and fail because they really do not care about acquiring the necessary skills. I’ve also seen many Internet marketers waste their time doing surveys for one dollar apiece when they really were interested in building a business on the Internet.

In the end it really comes down to you doing what you want to do. The important thing is that you understand whether you are an Internet worker or an Internet marketer. Then take the necessary steps to become successful at whatever choice you make.

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