All About Socket 939 Processors

Socket 939 processors were especially tailored for CPU’s and it was yielded by the computer business AMD in June 2004. The 939 processors were built as a substitution for Socket 754 which was utilized in Athlon 64 processors at that time. When AMD decided to develop the AMD64 processors, the 939 processors was additionally changed by the Socket AM2 in May 2006.

Socket 939 processors and mom boards were introduced to the marketplace on June 2004. In May 2006, the full focus of AMD’s production was turned to the creation of Socket AM2 which led to the creation hold of the 939 processors. But, even if the 939 processors creation was stopped, a 939 processor motherboard was assembled with all the employ of the newest chipset intended for Socket AM2 processors. These 939 processors were further developed and were introduced in the year 2009.

Socket 939 processors use the double core and also single core processors for the Athlon 64, Athlon 64X2, Opteron, Athlon 64X, and Sempron. The quickest socket which was yielded for the 939 processor were the Athlon 64FX-60 as well as the Opteron 185. These 2 sockets have 2.6 GHz clock speed and 1MB level 2 caches per core. But, the quickest socket that has been crafted for the FX-57 which ran at 2.8 GHz.

You will discover the following attributes found on the socket 939 processors: double channel DDR SDRAM memory, 6.4GB/s memory bandwidth, SSE3 and SSE2 training sets, plus 3DNow. It is equally great to note that the 939 processors come out with 16 bit width Hyper Transport that has the maximum speed of 2000 MT/s.

For the requirements of the socket 939 processors, you may see that the socket is loaded with PCI-EX16 SLOTS and video expansion slots which confirm that these processors are capable of video expansion. There are 939 processors which utilizes 64KB level 1 training info caches, plus 1MB, 512KB, and 256KB level 2 cache.

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