3265208568 515a4b50d2 m A Guideline On Choosing Drapery Hardware
by Gary Simmons

Article by Dejuan Hall

Drapery hardware is a decorative element for your home. It is a means to hang your drapes. It comprises rods, rings, finials, brackets and holdbacks. If you think choosing these items for your home is a daunting task, you are wrong! You just need to know what kind of curtains or drapes you are planning to hang on the windows before selecting the hardware.

Here it is important for you to know that different kinds of rods are used for different draperies. So, if you select the hardware before deciding what type of drapes you will use, the idea may not work well for you. You may find that you have to replace all the new hardware, which you have bought just few days ago. If you are lucky enough the store from where you bought the decorative drapery hardware will take it back but if it doesn’t you will end up in stocking a lot of hardware, which will never be of any use to you.

Among all the hardware components, drapery rod is the most essential hardware component for any window treatment. So, before you buy any other hardware component for your windows, you need to decide what kind of drapery rod you require. If you desire for draperies that would open and close with just a cord, you should choose a traverse rod. If you want them to be hung from the rings, you will need to go for a drapery pole. The pole needs to be of a diameter of 3/8″ or 2″ for a standard or regular size window. For long windows, a drapery rod of 3″ diameter is appropriate.

After you choose the diameter and kind of drapery rod for your drapes, you won’t have any problem finding the matching hardware components. The decorative drapery hardware components like finials, rings and brackets are easy to buy. You do not need to bear a lot of hassle for buying these items. For instance, if you buy a 2″ wood drapery pole, you need to buy 2″ rings, finials and brackets.

Finials are in fact considered as window jewelry. They offer unique look to the windows. This hardware adds a perfect touch of class, elegance, whimsy and humor to the beautiful drapes. They come in various kinds of materials. Metals, wood and glass are some of the different materials used for making the drapery hardware. Although metal finials are more contemporary but wooden ones provide more warmth and a traditional feel to the home. The glass finials match well with sheer fabrics.

The rings are the hardware that attaches drapes to the rod. Choosing this hardware component also involves a consideration. They either come with a clip, which is clipped onto the curtains or comes with an eyelet. So, while making your choice with rings, select accordingly.

There are plenty of online stores that stock drapery hardware. Browse the Internet and find a store that offers such hardware components at an affordable price.

If you are looking for an online drapery hardware store, go for LJB (http://www.ljbltd.com). You can find outstanding decorative drapery hardware at an unbeatable price from LJB.

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