A Great Technology Set Up

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by wo1vesrx

There are many different uses for your technology and most of us are now entirely reliant on it to go about our day to day business. Normally this involves using computers to write documents, calculators to perform maths, phones to call people and receive e-mails on the go, and MP3 players to listen to music. However if you want to greatly increase your productivity then one great way to do this is to have multiple technological items for your business uses so that you can move from system to system and work from home or on the move and in a variety of different ways. The best way to maximise your productivity though is to be able to use these items in conjunction with each other to provide a complete technological and communications solution. This means choosing compatible devices, items of good sizes that fill different needs, and then finally a good memory card to be able to get them all to communicate such as a SanDisk Extreme Pro CF.

The first item everyone will have here is their main computer. For many people this will be a desktop computer that runs windows and that has Microsoft Office and similar software. This will normally be your most powerful system and will have the largest screen and good seating arrangements around the desk and that will make it perfect for sitting and working for extended periods and for running high powered software. In order to use a SanDisk Extreme Pro CF most computers will come ready with in built SD card expansion slots, but in some other rare cases (such as when using Apple Macs) you will need to have a memory card reader.

When you then take your data on the road for business trips and meetings you will probably want to have something more portable that you can work on. While many smart phones such as Blackberries give you the internet connection and the keyboard, the keyboard is generally too small to type quickly with and the screen is generally too small to read detailed websites and e-mails. As such a portable computer is necessary and here you have a few options for what you want to use. Of course a laptop is the most common answer, but generally you might find that these are still too large and cumbersome to be used on the train or that they get too hot to actually be used on the lap (which the name implies to be the very main use for them). As such netbooks can be a great solution providing you with a much smaller laptop that nevertheless can mimic much of what your larger computers are capable of. Another different option here is to use something like a tablet PC. For this to be compatible with your SanDisk Extreme Pro CF however you will need to avoid the iPad and to look for something like the HP Tablet.

Finally for your phone a smart phone can give you some additional abilities. For example if your phone has tethering you can use this to connect your netbook or tablet to the internet wherever you are, or in an emergency you can use it to edit files on the fly. A Blackberry or something else using Windows Mobile or Android should fulfil all your needs.

Using a SanDisk Extreme Pro CF or another 64GB SD you can get a lot more use from your devices and create a kind of network for increased productivity.

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