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It is no secret that the PlayStation 3 has encountered faults, although this console represents some of the most advanced hardware ever to be dedicated to the business of gaming. It is sad to say that some of the faults reported by gamers all over the world renders the gamer helpless to carry on gaming. What is needed is a fast and reliable repair service.

Gamers at some time may come across the famous yellow flashing lights known as the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), or maybe display issues, problems loading or reading discs, freezing during games or movie playback, and more common PS3 problems include overheating, discs not playing, no video, hard drive failure memory card error, it sounds a lot but all can be fixed if the right PlayStation 3 repair service is found.

This phenomenal console supports all kinds of digital entertainment, and this slick gaming powerhouse with a built-in media centre, gives confidence to all gamers everywhere and has become a joy for all.

There are all sorts of solutions branded around the internet, but be warned, they are only a temporary fix and can actually do more damage than good. The layman does not know anything about the complexity of this console, therefore brandishing a soldering iron around with little or no experience can do permanent irreversible damage. A lot of PS3 repairs centres will not touch a console that has been tampered with by the do-it-yourself enthusiast, simply because it could already be damaged beyond repair, before it has even been looked at.

Why waste your time on these quick fixes, find yourself a reputable company that will be fast and reliable and, more importantly, will give a warranty on the repair. Unless you are a qualified technician then do not attempt to repair something as sophisticated as a PlayStation 3 yourself, leave it to the experts. For example, if the disc will no longer load, this may require replacement of important hardware parts, and will you know what they are?

A spokesman for PS Pros a reputable same day PlayStation 3 repair service based in London said, “with up-to-date technology our repair methods have been refined and fine tuned to achieve success on all repairs and we are happy to give a 90 day warranty on these repairs. Our PlayStation 3 repair and refurbishing service is second to none and we are highly regarded within the industry. We offer the customer a ‘walk in’ same day repair if the customer is local to London, but the customer can also use our mail-in service and we can collect the PS3, repair the same day and return back, easy. PlayStation3 repair is second nature to us, our parent company, eSales Inc, is one of the leading PlayStation 3 refurbishers in the United States and United Kingdom and we have a long history of success”.

If you are wise and want a fast and reliable PS3 repair, keep your fingers, hairdryers and soldering iron away from your PlayStation 3, just get online and check out PS Pros as it would seem they have the expertise to handle all repairs on your precious console.

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