The Amazon Kindle couldn’t be more different than the Apple iPad; the former is a dedicated ebook reader while the latter is a tablet PC which can also serve as an ereader. Both started the trend in their respective markets and they continue to dominate these markets to this day.

But when the iPad was about to be released only a year ago, many people were considering it as the Kindle “killer”, and in light of that, many are interested to see how a Kindle vs iPad matchup would turn out. Of course, we would be comparing features that pertain to the respective device‘s usability as an ebook reader.

Size, Weight, and Design

The size of the device is very important when evaluating ereaders. This is because that device would be something you might be holding in your hand for long periods of time and most would prefer an ereader that’s neither too big nor too heavy. In this regard, the Kindle 3 fits this requirement perfectly. Weighing only 8.7 ounces, it’s a lightweight compared to the 24-oz iPad. The Kindle is 7.5″ long, 4.8″ wide, and 0.335″ thick, while the iPad is 9.56″ by 7.47″ by 0.5″. With these dimensions, it’s pretty obvious that the Kindle is the more compact and portable device.

Display Used

Who wouldn’t be attracted to the iPad’s glossy 9.7-inch LED backlit IPS display? Put beside such attractive brilliance, the Kindle’s grayscale e-ink screen does pale in comparison. But then again, e-ink technology goes perfectly with ebook reading – no glare, no eyestrain – so a real book lover may yet say no to the glitz of the iPad and go with the “drab” Kindle, as far as reading books go.

Of course, it’s a a completely opposite story when we talk about graphics. The iPad’s multi touch, full-color LCD renders the graphics in color magazines, cookbooks, art books, children’s storybooks, and others beautifully and that’s something the Kindle can’t match.

Battery Life

Considering that the iPad is equipped with a color touchscreen and can do a hundred and one things such as web browsing, videos, games, Facebook, Twitter, email, and more, one can’t expect it to last for more than a day. But with a Kindle, even if you go to space and back, your Kindle would still be working, thanks to its 30 days of battery life.


This iPad vs Kindle matchup has finally come down to the costs, a factor that matters a lot with most buyers. Let’s start with the Kindle which is the cheaper device. The Wi-Fi only model costs $139, while the Wi-Fi with 3G is priced at $189. These prices are a far cry from the iPad’s starting prices for 16GB models – $499 for Wi-Fi only and $629 for Wi-Fi and 3G. There are also models which already have 32GB and 64GB, but these are also more expensive.

Kindle vs iPad – Which Ereader Do We Pick?

Now some may be expecting the Kindle to win hands down being the one of the best portable ebook readers, while others see the iPad as the clear winner being able to do more than just ereading, but it’s not as easy as that.

If you’re the a-book-a-day type who just loves to curl up in your favorite chair and read for hours, then maybe you should go with the Kindle. But if you’re more the read, surf, email kind of person, then the multi-functionality of the iPad would suit you better. What we’re saying is, you decide on what your needs and budget dictate.

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