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by Charlie Brewer

PlayStation 3 games have, once again, provided its users a great array of games. It has definitely surpassed some of the players’ expectations. It is easy to use and and enjoyable. PlayStation 3 are quite compatible for any user. Children and adult alike definitely enjoys them. Many are still looking forward to some of the the new releases by Sony for this Christmas.

Top PlayStation 3 Games

Resistance 2

This is a war scenario. It is also a first shooter. The leading character is Nathan Hale. The fight takes place in the US territory and he is fighting against Chimera. It is quite exciting and full of action.

Little Big Planet

This particular PlayStation 3 offering is a puzzle. It is quite very popular. You can create your own character and choose an environment that you would want to play in. in solving the puzzle, it would involve avoiding traps and enemies. It has cute characters and quite easy to play.

Call of Duty

This is another war scenario coming from the selection of classic PlayStation 3 offerings. In playing this you can use certain powerful ammunitions. This game requires tactical abilities to win and has great visuals and special effects.

Valkyria Chronicles

Playstaion 3 games have once again provided a gem that has one of the best storylines. It has a great story, best visual and graphic effect, and the play is quite exciting. The scene is in Europa( a fictional version of Europe) and it happened in the year 1935. This involves the player to protect its nation national resources. Playing this is both interesting and very addictive.

Fallout 3

This would involve fighting against mutants. This is very exciting and transpires after nuclear fallout. This is definitely one of the best PlayStation 3 releases. It keeps its player at the edge of their seats with its exciting events.

Mirror’s Edge

This is a single player game adventure game. There are a lot of running, jumping, and sliding in this game. You have to be on the run to avoid the law. It is quite an exhilarating game. In playing this game you have to be fast and always be mobile to avoid your captors. The main character is Faith. Her role is to pass secret messages to their underground group.

Dead Space

This is a survival horror game. It also involves shooting and your main opponents are aliens from the outer space. The graphics are quite great and very interesting for its players.

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