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by ruiwen

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3D people software is quite a broad title, there are two ways at looking at this, you either want to know how to find 3D animation Software, or you would like to design a 3D animation model of a person.

I think the first step would be if, not done yet is to find a easy 3d software that best suites, there are many 3D software providers out there.

The problem been is that 3D animation is a very complicated thing to do as a single unit, and some software application out there make this task even more challenging with software that is very difficult to use, or too simple with not enough features.

You could research all the free applications and give them a trial, in most cases there are trial periods. I am not a great promoter of free software as in most cases the features provided are of limited nature.

When investing in a 3d software it is important to ensure that there is enough training, support and guidelines available, nothing worse than invest money in something that is too difficult to understand.

The other alternative is to do the 3D modeling yourself, this is a highly skilled field and 3D background knowledge would be required. Today life is a lot simpler as the software has what they call meshing which is used to graphically design a 3d sculpture in this case a person.

In a nut shell it is a very slow process which takes a lot of time and dedication. You will have to design the model of the 3D person and then capture the image and then change the model again and then capture another image. You will have to have a sequence of images so that when run one after the other, it will create an illusion of motion. This 3D modeling step is very sensitive and if the movement or the model change is to extreme you will develop a jumpy motion illusion. Wallace and Gromit are the prime example of clay modeling, a master piece in itself, but very rare, most today use 3D animation software.

Don’t ever feel dis-hatred at this 3d design attempt, it can be done, very simple with the right software and training, that is the joy of the Internet, people can learn whatever they wish in the comfort of their own home, saying that there are plenty of courses available out there.

To conclude 3D people software must start with a model, and a suggest using a 3d graphical mesh using a a 3d software application and design your person and then take one step at a time, make it walk

As far as the latest 3D software Illusion Mage seem to be dominating the market with a 60 day trial period, this would be a good starting point.

I hope this information was helpful
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I hope this information was helpful on how to 3D Animate
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