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by kazamatsuri

I own several golf related websites and that reason I set them up is that it allows me to work and play at the same time. If I want to sneak off from the office to play golf then I just call it research. I love golf and play regularly, I even teach on a part time basis and despite having no formal qualifications I have had some success. I hope that this gives me some insight into the game of golf and as a learning process I am going to do the exact opposite of what most teachers do I am going to show you how to ruin your game.

By showing you how to do it wrong perhaps you will be able to more easily identify how you can do it right. Golfers of all shapes, sizes and skill levels wander through my sites and I am pleased to see them. By looking at the log files I can see where they go, what they look at and what they buy. By reading the emails I get I gain some idea of where they are in their golf life.

To be frank it can make some depressing reading. I have lots and lots of people buying hugely expensive drivers, the top notch golf sets and training aids that are really not going to do much for them. How do I know this? Experience. Nearly every student I have taught has asked, “How can I get better at golf?” This is to be expected, it’s a golf lesson and that’s why we are here.

My stock answer is “Practice.” It really is that simple, to improve your golf game all you have to do is practice. The trick is knowing what to practice. Ask any professional golfer and he or she will tell you that the best game of golf starts way before the first tee.

So, as promised here are three tips to ruin your golf game.

Tip 1: Do not practice, just turn up on the day, preferably two minutes before your tee time, forget your golf shoes and play with the old dirt from last week on your clubs. There is nothing like rushing around before your game to really kill a score card.

Tip 2: Read golf magazines, surf the Internet and watch television. There are golf tips everywhere if you look and the magic one that turns you into Tiger Woods overnight is just around the corner. Why practice when you can sit on your butt and read your way to playing better golf?

Tip 3: Listen to your friends. This is the best way to really screw up your game, unless you play regularly with Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter or Bobby Eldridge. Every golfer has a super tip that will cure any fault, it may not have worked for them but it is certain to work for you. Just listen out for the magic words, ” I read in a magazine….” It must be true.

It is an unpalatable fact that to get better and really improve our golf we have to practice. I am not talking about hours and hours at the range or days spent hitting balls around a golf course but finding a program that breaks down your golf into it’s parts and improving each component to build a sound, reliable whole.

My practice regime is built upon the expertise of one of the guys I mentioned before. Bobby Eldridge has taught golf for many a year and he realized that for most of us the golf swing is too complicated to learn in one go, the swing is the fundamental part of your golf and so he broke it down to make it easier for everybody to understand it.

Bobby has a range of golf DVD’s and books that teach every aspect of the golf game and for the price of a good wedge you can benefit from years and years of teaching experience so before you spend your cash on the next magic club take a look at the best golf instruction program available. Check us out for cheap golf wedges

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