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Web Programming with PHP

by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

A safety vulnerability that is found in PHP and other programming languages might let attackers/hackers to stop servers with vulnerable PHP installations.

Before getting into the facts, allow us initially know – What is the Hash Collision Vulnerability?

Arrays are popular information kinds in PHP and other scripting languages. These are information kinds, that enables to shop a varying amount of entries of any sort. One could shop as several entries in range as potential. This really is the key condition of the vulnerability well-known as Hash Collision.

In PHP and many alternative languages, that are utilized to apply Internet applications, arrays are utilized to shop the values of request factors including $ _GET, $ _POST, $ COOKIE, etc. If someone receives a request with a big quantity of request values, until latest versions PHP could encounter trouble.

Let us today superficially consider what is the problem…The PHP runtime engine that implemented is within C reads the HTTP request information and builds arrays to shop request factors. This happens even before any PHP code begins being executed.

In C and additional languages, arrays are implemented as information structures called hash tables. In simplistic terms, hash tables are arrays of connected lists of entries. These arrays have a fixed size.

Every time somebody would like to add a fresh entry to a hash table, they require to compute a hash value for the new range entry key. That hash value is an integer value that determines into which connected list the modern range entry is added.

Once the hash table code determines into which connected list the unique entry belongs, it determines if there is absolutely an entry with all the same range key because connected list. If there is not a entry with all the same key value, the new range entry value is put into the connected list. Otherwise, the fresh entry value may substitute the older entry with all the same key.

This is a task that it must be reasonably rapidly if the amount of entries in the range is reasonably little. But, if the range has a rather big quantity of entries the performance of inserting brand-new entries begins degrading.

This issue is really aggravated if the values of the keys to be added in the range have the same hash value, meaning that they is put into the same connected list.

What some protection experts have found is a method to conveniently determine a big amount of arrays keys that is chosen to craft an HTTP request with various request factors (GET, POST, COOKIE, etc..) that will create PHP take hours or more time to handle a single HTTP request merely by creating PHP consume all CPU it gets to build the request varying arrays.

This signifies that with even a reasonably little amount of requests an attacker/hacker will create PHP consume all CPU it gets until the machine practically hangs/freezes, unless anything eliminates the affected PHP processes.

As said, alternative languages are additionally affected by this issue because they employ synonymous hash table algorithms. The matter of PHP is worse because PHP is a very favored Internet programming code. According to the experts, 77% of the Internet servers run PHP.

In Conclusion:

It ought to be apparent for all programmers that protection issues ought to be taken fairly really and with urgency.

In this case, the issues that hash collisions will result to your servers could not be your mistake because the issues are in the code implementation. But, it is actually the responsibility of the folks in charge of the servers to do the required upgrades. So, should you were not aware of the issue, today that you were prepared aware it happens to be as much as you to take the required measures.

Buy Playstation Move

PlayStation 3
by Charlie Brewer

Are you willing to move? Well Sony has finally introduced their brand fresh program called the Playstation Move. It is a motion controller that is synonymous to the Nintendo Wii, however they state that it must be technique better with regards to functionality.

Nintendo set a base for motion controllers, but Sony has taken it to another level. This unique controller is selected in combination with all the eye camera, this might be their webcam which until today has been chosen for movie chats and stuff that way. The Eye tracks the movement of the controller to create it more precise as opposed to playing without the camera.

So the Playstation Eye is not a requirement for the controller, but you may too receive 1 if you would like your game to be because exact because potential. There is a bulb found on the top of it, that changes hues. It may really do the color changes in real time too. Overall it looks truly strong and it does have a limited buttons found on the front of it.

There is additionally an additional controller there are that functions with all the leading 1. It is what you’d call the Nunchuck for this brand-new program. It has a pad and some buttons on it too. This can moreover be wireless, thus you never need to worry about any cables.

The response speed within the time you press the switch, as well as the time the action happens found on the screen is merely because swiftly because the double shock control. Sony has introduced the Playstation Move at a affordable cost, that is under 1 100 $ for the bundle. This involves the remote, the Eye and an more game. The controller itself there are for about fifty $ or less. The additional navigation device is accessible for about thirty $ individually.

Many games are being introduced each day that are today suitable with all the Sony Playstation Move. The game that comes with all the bundle is regarded as the best ones today, it is very called Sports Champions. You reach compete in over six different sporting procedures, with athletes from all over the planet.

How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses: A Simple Guide


Stop the Virus NOW!! Download STOPzilla!

Computer viruses are mysterious and grab our attention. Every time a new virus hits, it makes the news as it spreads quickly. Don’t wait anymore and STOP them with STOPzilla Antivirus!

Viruses can do anything from annoying the user to deleting your entire computer. With more computers are being connected to the Internet, viruses are very easy to be spread. That’s why it’s important to STOP them fast!

While computers will never be 100% secure, there are many steps that you can take to prevent your computer from being infected with viruses.

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus is basically a malicious computer code that either harms computer data by writing over reserved areas of the operating system or attaches itself to other programs.

Viruses can infect computer files, programs, and write over parts of files. Viruses are also able to delete files from removable disk media (e.g. floppy diskettes, zip disks) or the hard drive.

More recent viruses take advantage of vulnerabilities in e-mail programs. These new viruses are written to not only damage your computer, but (with certain software configurations) also send a copy of the virus-contaminated document to all entries in the e-mail program’s address book. Using a reliable antivirus is highly recommended to stop them in this activity!

Viruses spread from computer system to computer system, usually by removable disk media, via e-mail and downloads.

Computers connected to a network are even more susceptible because newer viruses are written to spread through the network, infecting files on all connected computers.

While some viruses can be removed with antivirus programs, it is recommended that you keep two backup copies of your important files, thus increasing your chances to have a clean copy available in the event a virus infects a file.

Types of viruses

There are three basic types of ‘virus’ each with a different intended purpose.

True ‘viruses’ bear the closest resemblance to their biological namesakes. Their purpose in life is twofold. Firstly, they want to multiply around the internet. Most commonly this is achieved by the virus sending itself to all contacts in your e-mail address book. Secondly a virus wants you to know it is there, so it starts to change files on your computer. This can result in a whole range of outcomes – from minor repairable damage to complete system failure.

Worms are viruses, which seek only to proliferate around the internet with the intention of causing a system overload. This type of virus is typically used by groups of ‘hacktivists’ who seek to make a social or political point by targeting a particular organization.

Trojans are named after the Trojan Horse and are designed to reside on a host computer unseen, creating a security breach which another virus can exploit.

Antivirus Software

Most of the time, you will not know you have a virus until you scan for viruses. There are many options for scanning and curing viruses, what we suggest is downloading as soon as possible STOPzilla Antivirus

Virus software scans for viruses in real-time, which means that as your computer receives files, the software checks the files for viruses. The software will also constantly monitor the computer files to search for viruses.

It is vital when using a real-time virus scanner to updates frequently. By doing so, the software can detect all of the newly found viruses.

How to Fix a Slow Computer


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Computers are great when they are running fast… you can do all sorts with them, from playing games to watching movies and doing work. However, when they start running slow, they end up becoming annoying and frustrating. Fix slow computer is a big problem, with millions of slow running computers throughout the world… but luckily, there’s an easy solution that even a beginner can do: SpeedyPC Pro!

To fix a slow PC, you need to hit the problem at the root cause. And the root cause for almost all computers is a part of your system called the ‘registry’. This is the central database for your system, and is where everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper are stored. Essentially, if your computer needs to ‘remember’ anything, it does it thanks to the registry. This makes it an incredibly important part of Windows, but also one that is vulnerable to problems.

You see, since the registry is so important, Windows *needs* to continually access the files inside it. Every time you use your PC, Windows is actually reading and editing 100’s of registry files. Unfortunately, this means that your computer accidentally makes many of these crucial files corrupt or damaged, which makes your computer take longer to read them, which slows your PC down. And with a typical Pc harboring 1,000’s of these corrupt files, it can actually make your computer run very slow over time.

So to fix this problem, and to make your computer run faster, you just need to be able to fix all the bad files in the registry. However, because the database is home to 100,000’s of files, this is a very tough task for anyone to do manually, so we need to rely on tools like SpeedyPC Pro.

SpeedyPC Pro has been specifically designed to speed up your computer, making it a lot faster!

Get DNA On-Ear Headphones

What are DNA headphones? These impressive headphones are some of the best hitech gadgets you’ll find around! Well built and easy to easy, stylish! Easy to set up and comfortable. What else to say?

The overall sound and base is great, and I think that the headphones look great. Some say they are perfect, same say they are just good and that’s all. In any case, anyone is very enthusiast of this new product!

More ideas about them: They have great sounding highs, and clear lows. The mids are decent. They are pretty balanced. They are also very stylish and have a revolutionary design. Their foldable design is nice too. They are absolutely worth the price.

What next? just try them, use them and let me know your feelings, the software you’ll use them with, the equipment and your reviews. We can discuss here. Thanks for reading!

Three Simple Techniques To Hide Audio-Video Equipment In Your Home

Audio Equipment
by Visual Artist Frank Bonilla

Ways to conceal your audio-video equipment include: use a trompe l’oeil-style art, place your AV equipment underneath a table with a skirted drape, and utilize a nearby wardrobe for storage.

One of the causes that create a area unsightly is the abundance of electronics or audio-video (AV) equipments like speakers, DVD players, tv, and gaming consoles sleeping about. Frequently instances, the equipments won’t match the room’s shape, or the wiring and wires are a mess. Luckily, there are some easy techniques to aid you hide your sound movie equipment and some unsightly wiring.

Distract audience by using a trompe l’oeil-style artwork

The trompe l’oeil fashion of art is acknowledged for deceiving audience into believing that an image is real. Visually unappealing electronic equipment can be hidden with this technique, and it may additionally distract guests. Rooms with your AV equipment will benefit from trompe l’oeil posters and prints accessible for design. You are able to either spot the art straight in front of the equipment to completely conceal it from view or you are able to hang the art behind your equipment as a background. The imagery’s bold hues and bright pictures in the background draw the eyes of the viewer from items in the immediate region.

Place your AV equipment underneath a skirted table

If your AV equipment is stored in 1 area; this really is a useful way for you. A skirted table is helpful in hiding your electronics. Make employ of a end or rolling table and arrange your electronic equipment under it. Additionally, discover a table skirt that fits the total color scheme and design of the area. Since there are numerous table skirts in a big range of hues, textures and components, this must very be advantageous to you.

Drape the cloth over the tabletop and pull it down thus it hides all of the electronic equipment underneath. Apart from hiding your AV equipment, your tabletop might equally bestow you with additional spaces for showing your books or additional decorative treatments.

Keep all your AV equipments inside a closet

You could even transform a wardrobe as a storage location for all your AV equipment. Look for a sturdy 1 that is furthermore big enough to match everything you need it to conceal. Before you put your equipment inside the wardrobe, make sure it is actually wiped clean of dust and additional residue that could damage your electronics. Instead of stacking your electronic equipment on wardrobe shelves, you are able to equally stack it on a dolly. This technique, you are able to just roll everything in or out at your leisure. A couple of discerning holes in the wardrobe wall allows the cables to pass through. You are able to moreover shop CDs and devices in the wardrobe by installing more storage spaces, or you are able to even place up some good light to allow you to work and handle your components inside. You are able to make this wardrobe your home’s AV center.

Top Android Cell Phones

Cell Phones
by ImagePros

Android is an working program for mobile equipment which consists of middleware and key applications, and utilizes a modified variation of the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a fast later bought by Google, and lately by the Open Handset Alliance. It is moreover rummored that Android OS smartphones rated next among all smartphone OS handsets available in the U.S. in the initially quarter of 2010. Let’s take an in-dept consider the number one Android mobile phones as follows:

The HTC Droid Incredible

The HTC Droid Incredible is Verizon’s newest and largest Android device. The phone attributes a 3.7-inch AMOLED show with 800-by-480 resolution and runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor which may carry out multi jobs. To be certain, the HTC Droid Incredible has an 8-megapixel camera.


The HTC EVO 4G is the hot fresh Android handset of the time. The EVO 4G supplies the promise of superspeedy 4G information speeds. Moreover, the EVO 4G is 1 effective telephone as it runs found on the same 1GHz Snapdragon chip as the Incredible and has the double-snapshot combo of a 8-megapixel camera in the back along with a 1.3-megapixel camera in the front. The EVO 4G’s many distinguishing feature is its four.3-inch, 800-by-480 WVGA display.

 The Motorola Droid

The revealing of Motorola’s Droid marked the beginning of Verizon’s Droid brand as well as its accompanying commercial drive to create Android a home name. The Motorola Droid runs on a 550MHz processor and attributes a 3.7-inch, 854-by-480 WVGA show and a 5-megapixel camera. It also offers a bodily slide-out keyboard.

 The Google Nexus One

The Nexus One runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and involves a 3.7-inch, 800-by-480 AMOLED show with a 5-megapixel camera. It furthermore runs Android 2.1 and can probably function as the initially device to obtain the 2.2 version.

HTML Web Editor

by Espacio CAMON

If you’re reading this short article and you’re an html code monkey this particular article is not created for you. All code monkeys have to go to, or You will receive more from those websites.

But should you are searching for some simple information regarding html internet editors you’re in the proper region. You are in the appropriate region because I’m going to take you within the beginning. If you commence at the beginning and develop a superior base you are able to build on that effectively without going back!

I assume you learn what html truly is. But, let’s reach the fundamentals. Html stands for Hyper text Markup Language. This code or code was developed to be fairly different from standard text. Should you have watched html it looks crazy.

Way back in the beginning, 1994, the World Wide Internet Consortium, (W3C) was established to develop a standard code all computers may know. Simply think if they didn’t develop html. You might not be reading this. They were some smart forward thinking men. I think they were from MIT.

OK….we learn html is a code, I call it a code. It is a secret code as far as I’m worried. Next came html editors. Next came html internet editors. Html editors is as basic because notepad, or any text editor. That’s appropriate, you have many html internet editors proper on your computer. and possibly didn’t learn it.

You possibly didn’t recognize it because unless you’re 1 of those code monkeys I said above, you can’t employ it. Any text editor is an html internet editor should you understand the code or code. As the globe broad internet grew, more and more folks desired to receive there info available but didn’t wish To discover html code or code.

I don’t blame them.

Html is a pain in the you learn what. So some more smart men and gals began to create brand-new code to result in the standard html code simpler. Makes sense doesn’t it? They began to incorporate modern functionality with small scripts to do a few of the extended hand coding automatically. They did some more.

What you got were graphical integration, tables, complete page modifying, etc.. Video came much later. So it went and html wed editors developed to where they are today. And here is where they are.

There are free open source internet editors you are able to down load and employ or add to. There are packaged html internet editors that have some superior functionality absolutely in the program with a little expense. There are full blown editors that webmasters and designers utilize on your big content sights, big expense.

There is furthermore about a dozen good” What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editors that have actually created it simple to build specialist sites. These html editors let you not to learn any html code at all. The great ones today are a complete site administration software. The expense for these editors is a little lower than 2 100 $ about five or six 100 $.

This kind of editor edits your complete content to create it look engine friendly. Search engine promoting is today more significant than ever and this might be a perfect feature. Should you are thinking about building your sites or would want to do it for other people this kind of html editors are your ticket.

As you know there is a understanding curve to all hot software. I have discovered not all software programmers are likewise. Some programmers occasionally write software that is not intuitive at all. It’s hard for the average individual to utilize the program. Other programmers receive it right and have user friendly software. The understanding curve is truly brief.

As you look for the program that is right for you keep this in your mind. Software that is hard to employ will likely not receive utilized.

What is a graphics card

Computer Graphics
by vernieman

In a layman terminology, images card is called a device that is recognized to bring pictures to a computer’s monitor after having converted them from binary information to a viewable image. Now, depending upon what you need to do there are different types of images cards or movie cards that are obtainable in the open marketplace. And as expected, each of these cards is acknowledged to play distinct roles to which it is very tailored. A typical graphical card is explained in a better technique in the event you were to know different technical terms associated with it. Given below are limited these terms…

1. Accelerated Graphics Port: – AGP as it happens to be commonly acknowledged is the standard structure or the interface of images card. This point-to-point and devoted interface links video card straight into the system’s processor and memory.

2. Application Programming Interface: – API represents a set of instructions that enables programmers of games to function effectively without to create routine surgery over and again. OpenGL and Direct3D are some examples for API.

3. Anisotropic Filtering: – These are widespread filtering techniques employed in games to aid boost the standard of pictures shown on screen. Like others types of filtering techniques, anisotropic filtering comes in different degrees. Higher the degrees of anisotropic filtration lower is the performance of the games and vice versa.

4. Artifact: – They represent the undesirable and unintentional element present in the image of the movie game. They will include image ghosting, flickering impact, blurring etc.

5. Aliasing or Anti-Aliasing: – Aliasing represents the tendency for a diagonal or perhaps a curved line to appear jagged as they are usually composed of numerous tiny squares.

Anti-Aliasing pertains to treatments that are employed to overcome these tendencies through right software settings.

6. Frame Rate: – It pertains to the speed where nevertheless pictures are yielded found on the screen thus because to create a full motion impact. It is generally calculated in fps or frames per 2nd. Though people are acknowledged to find 25 fps, countless benchmark players believe that cards is prepared to make far high performance.

7. Digital Video Interface: – It pertains to the interface through which the transfer of digital movie data occurs between a computer as well as the show. This interface is chiefly responsible for greater performance and image standard over an analog program. Additionally to the computers, DVIs are additionally selected in tvs to display good quality pictures from DVD, HDTV and different sources.

8. DirectX: – It is a expression chosen to indicate a assortment of APIs that are completely developed and owned by Microsoft.

9. Direct3D: – It is an API developed and owned by Microsoft selected for creating 3D games.

10. Graphics Processing Unit: – The GPU as it happens to be commonly recognised as pertains to the processor that is present on images card. It is the leading chip that handles the volume function needed for creating pictures on displays.

Intel Back in the Graphics Game

Computer Graphics
by treehead

In the northern hemisphere, spring is usually the time for brand-new things: lambs, leaves and Larrabee chipsets. Yes, it’s the Intel Developers Forum in Beijing again, where Intel shows off its newest kit to the alternative producers.

Pride of region was provided to the Nehalem chipset, which attributes as much as 8 cores and utilizes simultaneous multi-threading across about 4 cores. Intel showed a 25 per cent heighten in performance over Penryn processors, and about a 33 per cent reduction in energy use.

Also demonstrated had been a Nehalem-powered game engine, featuring a meteor strike and flames spreading realistically through a town, with images, physics and animal Al being handled by different components of the processor. Intel’s Ron Fosner mentioned that multi-core chips can take over from discrete images cards, and are capable of providing a gaming experience reserved for top-end images cards. The Nehalem is expected in early 2009.

Still in its infancy, the Larrabee images processing device marks Intel’s re-entry into the images cards. It qualities a 16 to 24 core chipset, capable of processing different instructions for ray-tracing or physics effects. Intel moreover showed off its Tukwila and Dunnington processors. Details found on the Tukwila are sketchy, but it’s based found on the Itanium chipset, usually feature several cores and is due later this year. The Dunnington is the initial Xeon chipset to use several cores.

Aside from Intel’s products, Samsung displayed its ultra-slim 1.8-inch, 128GB strong state drive hard disks, and 4 to 8GB RAM designs. Asus all-conquering Eee was shown with 1 of Intel’s fresh Atom processors, which guarantees greater power lifetime and high performance.

And Intel’s own handheld, learning-based Classmate 2 was paraded with a new 9-inch screen.

The many innovative third-party products was lightfield photography being promoted with a digital photography organization called ReFocus. Instead of capturing pixels, the tech traces the means light bounces around a scene. This results in photos where every piece of the image is within focus, and focus will even be modified after photos have been taken. It’s processor-intensive, but this might cause cheaper, lighter and more flexible digital cameras.

Another amazing idea was shown by Compal. Its computer cooling program utilizes heatpipes to transfer heat away within the processor and onto the laptop’s lid, where it’s dispersed. There are no fans or moving components, as well as the interior of the computer is totally sealed.

PC architecture will change significantly in the upcoming several years, with integration and scalability being at the heart of Intel’s movements. In the future we could anticipate tiny PCs with images integrated into the processor and no moving components, which can’t be bad.