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Repair Your Own Computer

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by jefzila

Article by Jorvik Computer Repair, York

Many people seem phased by the world of information technology and seem reluctant to attempt their own computer or laptop repair. With a litte backgroud knowledge and research many simple computer or laptop problems can be fixed.

I am based in York, North Yorkshire and the number of computer and laptop repair shops is growing.

Many of these businesses are run by individuals with a rudeimenatry knowledge of computers. However, in York there are a number of reputable organisations. Whilst I would not charge for simply looking at a computer, many a repair shop in York will.

My recommendation would be to attend a basic computer course (such as the A+ technician courses) available at local colleges. Carry out thorough research on the internet before taking your computer or laptop to a shop. Many simple issues such as virus infections can be resolved by following step by step instructions available on the internet.

The best advice I was given about demistifying computers is that, at the end of the day, they are just ‘files and folders’. This is so true. Many people get worried about the complexity of IT. In fact once you understand the basic priciples of computer systems the rest is easy. I learnt my understanding of computer repair by experimentation. I wasn’t afraid to try things. Sometimes I broke something – when I did even better! I then had another challenge in trying to put it right. Always increasing my uderstanding.

Before you attempt anything, take a full backup of your data. It is only by doing this that you can be sure to put right any mistakes you make. There are many popular tools available to do this, Norton Ghost is perhaps the best.

Most importantly, give it a go! You could save yourself a fortune and find a new hobby.

The author has 15 years experience of IT and is experiences in HP, Toshiba, Dell and a variety of other systems.

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Videogame Consoles – A Complete Entertainment Device

2750434728 628cc89e78 m Videogame Consoles A Complete Entertainment Device
by allie™

Article by Roberto Sedycias

A videogame console is an interactive entertainment device which apart from acting as a gaming console also acts as a device for playing music, videos, DVD and online connectivity. So, we can say that the gaming consoles not only targets the gaming fraternity but it also acts as a complete entertainment and infotainment device.

Selecting the right gaming console is a big consideration which requires study of different features offered by different leading brands and the selecting the right unit according to one`s requirements and needs. There are 3 major producers of video game consoles who have made their brand leaders amongst the various available in the industry. They are Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft`s Xbox 360, Nintendo`s Wii products and Sony`s Playstation are three major contenders for the top slot in the Video game console industry.

By discussing the major features and the corresponding advantages and disadvantages of these leading models, we will be in a position to decide upon selecting the right video game console for ourselves. There are several factors such as the price of the console, graphics capability, games selection and other features such as touch screen, portability and online features which guides in the selection of right type of video game console.

The Nintendo DS is perhaps the lowest priced videogame console at about $ 129 while the Playstation 3 at $ 599 tops the Price list amongst the leading consoles. The price of buying new games also factors in while considering the price of the console. The Nintendo games are also available for far les than the games for Xbox and Playstation.

As far as graphics quality is concerned, they are directly linked with the technology used and one is sure to find better technology in the latest models and versions of the consoles. So it is understood that the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 of Sony have much better graphic capabilities compared to other gaming consoles. Although the Nintendo Wii has lower graphic capabilities, it is quite satisfactory for the casual gamers who enjoy gaming a lot. The older models have more or less same graphical capacity in them.

The contents of the games in the system are a very important for kids whose main purpose to buy a videogame console is to enjoy their choice of games. It is prudent to check the games library in the device before making a final decision. The Playstation and Playstation 2 of Sony and the Super Nintendo have a wide collection of games in it.

If one likes the Mario series of games then they are to be found on the Nintendo series of consoles, the Halo series of games are only included in the Microsoft`s consoles such as the Xbox and Xbox 360 while the Final Fantasy series of games are available only on Playstation 2 from Sony. The Nintendo`s gamecube series carries lots of games which are most popular with kids such as the GEMs collection, the Pokemon series etc.

Then there comes the super features of the consoles such as touch screen which is available in Nintendo while the Xbox has the most versatile online gaming capabilities. So, before finally deciding upon a gaming console, if one weighs all the above options one is sure to get guided in the selection with due consideration to their budget and other requirements. A detailed listing of the features expected by you in your videogame console will help you in proper comparison and evaluation of the various models depending upon your requirements.

You can have access to portuguese articles about game consolesfrom page Game_Consoles

Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil

default Videogame Consoles A Complete Entertainment Device

A look at the original game for consoles.
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How to Find A Cheap PlayStation 3 Console

4211553467 c7580fb823 m How to Find A Cheap PlayStation 3 Console
by liquoredonlife

Article by Wilson Snyder

With the rather high cost associated with today’s PlayStation consoles, it’s no surprise that many consumers are on the hunt for a cheap PlayStation 3 console. The PlayStation 3 console has done quite well since its release a few years ago, and the high demand for PlayStation 3 consoles have made the game quite pricey. However, there are still ways to get a cheap PlayStation 3 console, if a smart consumer knows how to shop. The Internet is opening up opportunities for consumers to purchase a cheap PlayStation 3 console with considerable ease. The first place that consumers can search for cheap PlayStation 3 consoles is classified advertisements. Someone may receive PlayStation as a gift, but would like to put it on sale at discounted prices. It is highly recommended to test the console before buying it to ensure the console is in full operational order. Another way to get a cheap PlayStation 3 console is buying one from the Internet. Thanks to the popularity of online surfing, new, refurbished or used consoles can be purchased at huge discount off original retail prices, and shipped right to your front door. When buying cheap PlayStation 3 consoles from online sellers however, the consumer should request some kind of product guarantee that that particular console carries, so that if the console doesn’t operate properly later on, he can return the console for a refund or repair.Online auction sites are probably the best place to get a cheap PlayStation 3 console. Finding a reputable seller with a good feedback rating is the first step one must take. Examining the product description, seeing if the product is guaranteed, and examining the console’s condition via photographs is the next step to ensuring a quality buy. Finally, careful bidding on the consoles is a definite must if the consumer wants to get the console inexpensively. One must take great care not to get overzealous when it comes time to bid on the products. Set a maximum bid limit before the bidding starts. Sometimes if someone is too eager to get a PlayStation 3 console during the bidding war, it is possible that he might bid more than necessary. To learn more about Cheap PlayStation 3 Console, check out Cheap PlayStation 3.

Wilson Snyder is a freelance writer. Learn more about “Cheap PlayStation 3 Console” at PlayStation 3 for Sale.

default How to Find A Cheap PlayStation 3 Console

This week we’re in New York at the 2011 Blip Festival – a 3-day showcase of music made using obsolete game hardware. We’ve got live performances and interviews with the bands. Anamanaguchi – Minusbaby – http Chipzel – Zen Albatross – http Noisewaves – blip festival – http
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Xbox 360 Game Console – Features and Review

3815433376 24ebc0019f m Xbox 360 Game Console Features and Review
by THQInsider

Article by Roberto Sedycias

The Xbox 360 game console is the seventh generation console developed by Microsoft. A worthy successor of the Xbox, this gaming console scores highly among users who place it in direct competition with PlayStation 3 from Sony and Nintendo`s Wii.

Available in three major configurations of `Arcade`, `Pro` and `Elite`, this console has grossed sales of over 30.2 million units. People love to watch it and if you still are not convinced why you should buy an Xbox 360 game console, then read on.

It has plenty of games which are not only exciting but also ingenuously designed. Project Gotham 3, Kameo elements of power and Perfect Dark Zero are only some of the well-known games. The special effects will keep you bound to your seats. The visual treat is something which must be seen to be believed.

Two main attractive features of the Xbox 360 game console are wireless controllers and internet connectivity. With a range of more than 30 feet, you can use this freely and are not constrained to play within a small space. Since ergonomics has been kept in mind, you will not feel any discomfort while playing. The tangles, skip wires and boomerangs will keep you busy.

Not only does the Xbox 360 game console have a number of games, it has a wide variety as well. On one hand, you have the `Condemned` and `Dead or Alive` and on the other hand you have `King Kong`, `Call of Duty 2` and `Project Gotham Racing 3`. There are many types of games for the first timers and also for the experts.

Another welcome fact about the Xbox 360 game console is that you can play all the games on this console which you could on the previous Xbox console. It is completely backwardly compatible.

You get the entire arcade marketplace along with the Xbox 360 game console. There are a host of free games and also other games which are not very costly. Additionally, there are games to pique your imagination. You will be floored by the number of possibilities.

The Xbox 360 game console exhibits stupendous power. It has 3.2 GH processors with a 500 MHz ATI graphics processor. You can almost feel the games in virtual reality. The gripping tension will not let you move.

You have a wide choice of games, CDs, movies and customized music with this gaming console. By connecting you to the Microsoft media center, it allows you to unleash your creativity and explore endless possibilities.

You can use this console for many other things besides playing games. Being interactive, it can help you buy gamer specials, bonus levels, gamer tag images and episodic content. Game developers can sell you bonus packs and help you download demos. Developers and publishers can also have a field day with this console.

You get a gamer card with the Xbox 360 game console which will help you to maintain records about your name, image, scores and other details like the games you like, and your aims and mottos. Thus, the console keeps tabs on its players.

Live your dreams and fantasies through the many interactive games in the console. Take advantage of the great online offers and stimulate your gaming experience.

The Xbox 360 game console will take you places in your search for innovative gaming. It will challenge your intelligence and response to the difficult situations posed before you. If you are serious about gaming, it`s time to get adventurous and enter the world of complex computer technology. The gaming console beckons you to come and take control.

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Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil

Choosing an Oak Console Table

3181741749 7200621351 m Choosing an Oak Console Table
by Gray Marchiori-Simpson

Article by Debbie

If you want to add some storage to a location in your home then an Oak Console Table is a great way of doing so. Oak Console Tables have many uses and can be used in multiple locations around the home. Console tables are especially useful in a hallway to put the telephone on and store address and phone books. For a lounge or dining room a console table can be used to display pictures and photographs on and even have a family photograph table to display pictures of various generations of a family.

So you have decided to buy an oak console table. While buying an Oak Console Table is a matter of personal choice. However there are a number of things to consider so that the table you choose suits the location and use it is intended for.

Where is the Console Table going to be situated.As already mentioned an oak console table can be used in a variety of locations around the home. For a console table to be situated in hallway you may want to look at the benefits of the table. Is the console table going to be used for mainly storage or to place items on. If the table is for the lounge then you would want a table which blends in with the other furniture already in the room.

Size of the Oak Console Table.Once you know where you want a console table you need to be aware of the different sizes. You need to consider the use for the oak console table so that the table that will not only fit in the location but that also doesn’t look too big or isn’t too small to be of any use. If you are planing on using the table for storage you will want to consider the number of drawers and the size of the drawers compared to the items you want to store. Another important area is underneath the table. Some oak console tables have underneath storage and a shelf while other do not so this is an important factor to consider.

Colour of Oak.Oak comes in many different shades so the colour of Oak you choose for your oak console table is important. Think of the furniture you already have in the room as it will be good to match this. Primarily you will want to consider whether dark oak or light oak would be best. As well as matching to other furniture be aware of floor colours and wall colours as the oak console table will stand on the floor and normally be up against a wall. You may have a nice wood floor and maybe even an oak wood floor so getting the oak console table to match and blend in is essential. Also wall colours can effect how much an oak console table will stand out. A lighter wall colour might require a darker oak to make the table look nice and stand out more if that is what you want. Or a lighter oak console table against a light wall will blend in better.

Style of table.As well as the colour and size you will need to consider the style of oak console table. This is also relevant to where the table will go and what function it will serve. Do you need drawers in the table and if so how many drawers. Oak console tables can have storage underneath and a shelf that is open so decide on what items you want on display there to really set the table off in a room.

Debbie is an article writer

Introduction of Pandora Console

33266077 03af1ce8b2 m Introduction of Pandora Console
by oobrien

Article by Adamson Andrew

We already know that the pandora console is developed by openpandora in the world. Basically the pandora is a handheld game console that is based on open source principles. Currently whatever game consoles you are getting in the market are famous as pandora consoles. Right now the features of pandora consoles are quite unique due to advanced technologies. You will not see the same features in the previous game consoles. The pandora console act as a bridge between the handheld game console and ultra-mobile computer. Also openpandora has flourished its businesses worldwide. Due to all these features and specifications gamers are tool excited to use pandora console in the market.

The pandora console appears pretty, awesome, and great in its own terms. It has gone through lots of lab testings before its induction in the world market. The size of pandora console is just like a netbook or one can assume it about the size of the Nintendo DS. Now lots of websites are indulge in the marketing of pandora console through out the world. Consumers are highly benefitted after consuming pandora console. Its important to check out the pros and cons of pandora console before buying from the market. Any buyer can afford pandora console as its quite cheaper. Today interested buyers can visit online shops and webshops to know more about the latest updates of pandora console for best results. This will help in escaping cases of cloning in the market. There’s always product description mention on the pandora console packing, smart users should read that also.

Many of us do not follow these reliable instructions as a result avail defective products from the market. So when you visit to the shop then firstly read the product description as it will turn out to be a beneficial step. For such process; knowledgeable retailer, webistes, online hubs can help the consumer to sort out all the hurdles while shopping pandora console. Again and again visiting to these sources allow the buyer to come to know about the latest developments in pandora console industries. Consumer can visit online shops and webshops to know the latest developments of pandora console.

To read about Pandora console and other information, visit the Pandora apps site.

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5 Tricks to Boost Your Ebay Computer Sales

2343395804 4653459a1e m 5 Tricks to Boost Your Ebay Computer Sales
by blakespot

Article by David “Computer Guru” Jaeger

Believe it or not, making money selling custom computers on ebay is very easy. I’ve personally helped people make anywhere from a 35% – 50% profit per each computer, with an average computer sale of $ 1800. (That over $ 630 net profit – on the low end!)

There is a simple reason most computer builders can’t sell their computers successfully. You see, there are two types of people; there are the “techies” and the “people persons”.

Techies enjoy understanding how things work. They will take things apart to put them back together just to learn how to put the item together. When a “techie” buys a car, they want to learn about how the engine works, and what are all the parts names. When they talk to someone, they enjoy talking about the differences in “specs”.

Then there are “people persons”. They are perfectly happy not knowing how things work – as long as they work. What they do enjoy is getting involved with people. They like to get in the middle of different social dynamics, typically care a lot about what their friends think etc.

This isn’t a psyche class though, this about learning 5 tricks to successfully selling your computers on ebay. So why am I mentioning the “techie” mindset?

As you can guess, most computer builders are techies. The 5 tricks aren’t really tricks at all. These 5 tricks allow you to get out of “spec” mode, and into selling successfully mode. Here goes:

1) Most eBay computer builders put 5 pages of specs. This turns most browsers off. Unlike “techies”, most people don’t really care about the detailed specs and don’t appreciate it, so don’t put them in, save yourself some grief, and gain valuable customers.

2) Use audio / video in your auction. This is very powerful, as you can express your personality in audio and video much better than you can in person

3) Add Personality to your auction. Essentially, you need to tell people why they should buy from you. You do this by being yourself, and telling people what got you into computers? What fascinates you about computers? What makes you so confident about your computer building capabilities?

4) Encourage people to contact you and ask questions. I do this prominently on my auctions. I tell people to contact me by either phone, email, or ebay’s contact member program.

5) Insert an Instant Messenging service (like meebo me) into your auction to make it easier for people to contact you.

If you apply these tricks to your ebay computer auctions you are well on your way to success.

David Jaeger is Ebay’s Number One Computer Seller Consultant. Get FREE Insider Access to his opt-in list, private blog and members only forum to learn how to Build Your Own Computer and Sell it for Great Profit.

Build Your Own Computer

This is my attempt at a Mineral Oil Submersion cooled computer, followed after the project by Puget Custom Computers at After constantly fighting with loud fans, heat, and dust with my computer, I stumbled upon PCC’s video about submerging a computer in mineral oil. I researched it further and ultimately decided to try it myself. There is no noise at all, even my new computer in an Antec 900 case on lowest settings is unbearably loud after experiencing the lack of noise from this system. The only way to tell if its on is to see if the fans are spinning icon smile 5 Tricks to Boost Your Ebay Computer Sales

Total stability as the oil equalizes the temperatures from all components. And its completely dust free forever! In the second half of the video I purchased a small 70gph water fountain pump for and a heatercore for a 1973 Ford F250 for about , 1/2″ vinyl tubing and clamps . Please comment! and I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. -Grey Artist: Transientworld Song: Deconstruct
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Protect your computer from IT risks

102654752 dc93323ae7 m Protect your computer from IT risks
by Laughing Squid

Article by Computer Help

If you are using your computer to download your most favorite music files or performing payments, disclose your account details. To protect your computer while doing these important things, you should refer few tips to protect your computer. In this article, we have given you best tips to protect your computer. First, you need to install an effectual anti virus that you can get from the market. It is also available on internet. Before installing it, you must consult a computer vendor. You must do unique research on the product, which you are going to purchase. Simple way to do this is to ask vendor. You should ask him, how many customers have faith on that product. You should ask this to evade the danger of virus attacks on your computer. You can choose from the wide range, which is suitable for the configuration of your system and budget. You can also go for trial packages and free software. Do not forget to upgrade anti virus software on regular basis. It is significant for the enlarged life of the software. The main reason behind upgrading the software is that daily a new risk is created. In order to combat the risk, the software needs to be upgraded. If you install the anti virus software without updates, your computer will not be protected. If you do not know where to obtain these updates, you should turn on the option name automatic option, which installs update automatically. If you are very eager to install add-ons such as Flash player on your computer then you can by visiting reliable websites or manufactured sites like Microsoft and Adobe. A number of websites provide enticing installations so you should avoid such installation completely as they are hosting Trojans. Therefore, you should pay attention to what you are downloading and saving on your computer. If you are getting mails from unidentified sources, you should delete such mails. If you are not that much sure then you can open those mails. However, do not commit mistake of downloading the attachments. Another thing you can do is to create filters, which do not add these mails in your inbox. Jukebox websites are particularly the websites let people to download their favorite songs and ads. These websites make ridiculous offers and later demand all your details. Hence, you should be careful of such ads. if you download such ads by mistake, you should change the password instantly. You should set password, which sound out of world. You must set antivirus software for doing regular scans. You need to allow the scanner to go through files for virus risks. This will surely help your computer to run without difficulty. You should scan each and every equipment that you attach to your computer like USB drives. Save My System provides a wide range of anti-virus and anti-spyware software for Computer security. You can avail to our data recovery solutions for critical Data Retrieval.

Save My System is known to be top quality Network Security Service provider in London. However, for further information go through our business directory service.

A Visit To Apple Computers Sunshine Coast

2240130682 a9100f7541 m A Visit To Apple Computers Sunshine Coast
by indigoprime

Article by Crunch Computers Pty Ltd

Planning to purchase an Apple product? Before you decide from where to buy, make sure you have explored your options. The latest entrant in the market as an Apple Computers Sunshine Coast.The official website for Crunch Computers Pty Ltd was recently launched. As an organization reselling Apple products, Crunch also offers a host of services revolving around your purchase.

Apple in itself is a trusted brand in the field of computer hardware and software. When you own an Apple computer you know you own a quality product. Crunch Computers has taken it up as their responsibility to make every Apple owning experience a lot more satisfying and enriching.

Before you purchase a product you can pay a visit to the Sunshine Coast campus of Crunch Computers to take a look at the various products. You can also get a hands-on experience on these before you make up your mind. After all, you will be investing your hard earned money into an advanced product. You ought to be sure about its utility as well as affordability.

Once decided on the product, you can go ahead and make the final deal. Purchase the one that best suits your need and take home a promise. But this promise is fully kept if you co-operate with your device. You must be sure as to how to use it and its dos and don’ts. Who would help you out with your new sparkling Mac? Call up Crunch and your worries will be laid to rest. You will get two hours of free introductory training with every new Apple Computer. This will help you carry on your day to day activities and at the same time, familiarize you with all the applications stored on your machine. With a firm base from Crunch you can go on to freely explore more of your machine.

The blog section of the website carries news and information about recent happenings in the Apple world. Keep an eye on these also before making a purchase. It may reveal some useful information which you as a customer would definitely like to consider.

Purchasing a product from Crunch goes beyond the limits of a financial transaction. It is an association of a lifetime.

About Crunch Computers Pty Ltd – Crunch Computers Pty Ltd and Apple Computers Sunshine Coast are said to be interchangeable terms. It is the new address to procure Apple products.

Crunch is the brand new reseller of all Apple hardware and software items. As the organization claims, they provide a ‘Crunch Difference’ to your purchases. Serving every customer with utmost care is their aim. It could be a novice or an expert; everyone gets the desired area of service. An experienced team is always there to explain each intricacy of a product. They also help you explore all your options before you take a final decision. If you are uncertain about what to choose you will be duly guided in accordance with your requirements.

Crunch not only helps you purchase the product of your choice and requirement but also aides in making the most of every purchase. You can get a free training session from Crunch to know more about your machine.

To know and experience more of the Crunch difference and Apple Computers Sunshine Coast, visit and get a crunching effect.


Address – Crunch Computers Pty Ltd 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs, QLD 4556 AustraliaPhone – (07) 5450-2675Email -

Apple products are now available at a new location named ‘Apple Computers Sunshine Coast.’ Crunch Computers Pty Ltd is an authorized Apple Reseller based on the Sunshine Coast. The company range of accessories includes products from all the brand name favorites.

Introduction to computer networking. Any questions about the video? I will answer all questions at

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6 Simple Steps To Choose The Right Portable Game Console

Article by Cyrille Lerik

If you love playing video games and don’t own yet a portable game console, you probably want to get one. A portable console can be carried with you wherever you go, on a plane, in a car, at home, in your garden… There are several portable game consoles available, which doesn’t make it an easy choice to find the one suited for your need.

Two big companies compete on this market: Sony and Nintendo. As for other game consoles for home, their portable consoles have specific advantages and disadvantages, and do not target the same profiles of gamers.

Here are 6 tips to follow if you want to make sure you are doing the right choice.

1st tip: Clarify who is the console for. Is it for you, for your kids, for your partner, for your parents, or even for your grand-parents?

2nd step: What is the profile of the person who will play the console? Once you know who will play the console, you can deduct if you need a game console suited for hardcore gamers, technology addicts, or rather suited for families.

3rd step: You may also want a console that will be enjoyable by several members of your family, which means that it must be easy enough to use for everybody, and should contain a wide variety of games.

4th step: What is your budget? Depending on the brand and the console type, the upfront purchase and the price of games will vary. You need to compare your options: how many games do you want to buy per year? How long will you use this console? Once you have this information, you can build the full cost of your portable console during its lifetime. Thus you will find out which console is cheaper regarding your specific needs.

5th step: Test the game consoles. Before making your final choice, be sure to test the exact model you want to buy. Simply go to a local store where they sell game consoles, and say a sales person that you want to see the portable console up and working, so that you have a better feeling of what you get before buying. Don’t hesitate to ask him to test a game by yourself.

6th step: Once you know what is the right game console for your needs, don’t buy it at once. Have a look on internet to see if you can get a discount. Also read the local stores advertisments, as they may offer a enhanced package of your favorite console, containing one or two games you wanted to buy anyway.

If you are on a small budget, get a free nintendo dsi by visiting

default 6 Simple Steps To Choose The Right Portable Game Console