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Thoughts On Google And China

Google’s choice to second-guess its relationship with China has raised some interesting issues newly. Namely, whether Google’s choice sprang off their moral opposition to censorship, or from a reduced financial interest in a nation with a more prevalent look engine, well-known as Baidu. So far, the controversy appears to be more of the commercial, as opposed to a political problem. A private, business-related concern. But whenever the query of morality, of the battle between superior (Google) and evil, comes into play in the information, you are able to make sure that the blogosphere can commence freaking out.

Probably the many quoted passage in the outpouring of articles on Google China (or is Google’s well-polished credo: “Don’t be wicked.” The more opinionated information outlets mention this as the cause that Google is shying away from China, because censoring sites and people’s versatility of speech is, you learn, “wicked.” But the real query is, are China’s actions anymore “evil” than Google’s choice to set up store in a Communist nation absolutely well-known for their internet censorship in the hopes of creating a profit to start with.

On the bad scale, though, I’m taking Google’s side on this. At minimum for today. In Google’s statement on January 12th, they reported that they introduced the website in China “in the belief that the pros of improved access to info for individuals in China along with a more open Internet outweighed our discomfort in agreeing to censor some results.” Sounds convincing enough. This came with all the proviso that they might carefully monitor the conditions in China, since there has been growing tendency toward internet censorship in the nation, the newest victim being pornography sites. Google’s statement mentioned that, must China ramp up their censorship policies, they wouldn’t hesitate to reconsider their agreement.

So what did China do, again, that got Google’s jocks in the ringer? As has been commonly reported, in December a series of “cyberattacks” originating in China took destination against Chinese human rights recommends living inside the nation and in different components of the planet. Their Gmail accounts were hacked into, they state. Plus, the safety apparatuses of thirty-four firms in Silicon Valley were breached, and business information tampered with.

No 1 is very certain where these attacks originated. And naturally the Chinese government is casting itself as a victim, too! As if the attacks were perpetrated with a group of Chinese Internet trolls. That, naturally, is very unlikely, considering China has the largest Internet filtration program in the globe, as well as its government has earlier blocked searches for elements like, state, “The Dalai Lama” or “Tiananmen Square Massacre.” Twitter and Facebook have been blocked in China. (How do persons keep in touch!?) Chances are, these breaches of protection were conducted by “hackers” employed straight by the Chinese government. But naturally, we can’t make sure. Nobody knows. Google has since asked the N.S.A. for aid researching the problem.

This is all happening over the net, remember, in a form of online fact. I don’t even like to consider about the amount of time these Google hackers in China are spending found on the Internet daily in purchase to gain access to human right’s activist’s accounts.

Another significant question-something that’s been brought up over the last limited weeks-is whether Google’s choice to back from China constitutes a form of neo-imperialism. In alternative words, is Google, by setting up store in China and then requesting that the Chinese government abide by the United States’ flexibility of speech regulations, creating a backhanded attempt at cultural dominance?

That’s a tough 1. And I think it’s the important matter. Google, being the omnipotent superpower of online look machines, is moreover testing the waters of globalization. They appear to be overstepping their boundaries. However, global human rights companies have shown their help for Google. Liberal Chinese see it as an outrage that their government may be hacking into their Gmail accounts sometime shortly. The more educated Chinese are on Google’s side. They see internet censorship as an infringement on their rights.

But even thus, do Google’s complaints place any real stress found on the Chinese government to change its continuous dedication to censorship? Does China require Google that much?

It doesn’t appear like it. So they miss out found on the hot Google Android. No big reduction.

That China doesn’t want Google was prepared very obvious by China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ma Zhaoxu. He mentioned, “Foreign companies in China should follow China’s hypocritical participation with regulations and laws, regard the interests of the general public and cultural traditions, and shoulder corresponding tasks.” In alternative words, Google knew what they were getting into. And if they wish To intrude found on the Chinese marketplace, they’re going to need to play by the Chinese market’s rules. This makes it appear very cut and dry. A business like Google, though almighty it will appear, doesn’t have the proper to alter China’s tip of law. Or thus the Chinese adamantly believe.

So far, everyone included in this problem has been behaving with appropriate political correctness. When Hilary Clinton addressed the problem of Internet censorship on January 21st, she didn’t even name names (China, Iran). “Those who disrupt the free flow of info in our society or any alternative pose a risk to our economy, our government and our civil society,” she mentioned, linking Internet flexibility with all the virtues of the United States. She didn’t call out China, partly because, as you might remember, the US is within severe debt to the Chinese at the moment. (Hmmm. In truth China owns more US $ than any alternative nation or entity in the planet. A different topic for a different day though…) We need to be thoughtful how we play this 1. Google might just be an Internet look engine, but with its millions of worldwide consumers, it is very hard to imagine existence in 2010 without it.

The New Economy

While the transition from brick-and-mortar companies to digital pixels can not be complete — in the end, we are social creatures — more and more the Internet usually become the de facto platform for profiling and finding goods and services. Indeed, the advertising resource par excellence, Marketing Sherpa, has forecasted online markets and look is the many desired advertising fields in the coming years. The new crux of our contemporary economy has less and less to do with conventional markets and more and more to do with online markets.

Without the right amount of bandwidth as well as the servers to procedure the incoming clicks, moving towards the good World Wide Internet is an exercise in futility. This demands having a professional IT department as well as the appropriate range of hardware. While the transition to online markets appears like a all-natural development, it should be pointed out a lot of infrastructure should be in destination in purchase to capitalize found on the transition.

The appropriate hardware must have embedded board that are capable of processing millions of permutations and content requests in under 10 seconds. Many consumers may abandon a website — or page — must it are not able to load within 10 seconds. Though perseverance is a virtue, it is actually a detriment in the internet market. Long load-times are indicative of the quite “unprofessional” website. Whether this really is really the case is beside the point.

If the transition to the Great Digital Cloud, as the Internet is frequently called, is predicated on any something, it really is a well-crafted and reliable embedded motherboard. This intricate part of technology is the literal heart of the mainframe, providing it the required protocols to procedure the millions of algorithmic permutations. They happen to be among the longer-lived components, usually enjoying 7 of more years of devoted service.

It looks it is the computer technicians and hardware producers that stand to gain as the transition from brick-and-mortar to online markets continues. To make sure, a online storefront is important — and there is a great amount of profit to be gained by sustaining and refining this presence — but without the appropriate IT team or mainframe provider, you may be doomed.

A Few Reasons To Hire Website Designers

There are many factors to not shape a webpage on your. It’s not that individuals without advertising or shape experience are inept. No, naturally almost anybody may shape a site. But, a designer might assist you receive the many from your site. A small more investment up front can give a more durable and powerful happen. Here’s how:

The initial thing a designer has that you don’t, is experience. Designers have built sites numerous occasions that they usually avoid rookie errors. Designers understand what create a webpage powerful. You must either guess, or begin doing some analysis. Designers have gone to school and cannot just place that knowledge of shape to function, but their knowledge of software and technologies.

Besides experience, designers have a range of equipment and up-to-date resources. This signifies your url will have a few of the bells and whistles that additional homemade website will likely not have. A unique webpage can assist your company stand aside from others.

Because of the designer’s experience and resources, the standard of function will be better than anything I may do. I will fool about with Photoshop, but a designer will perfect a shape in Photoshop. I may browse a small to locate what’s favored in shape, but a designer provides it her own edge, placing you before the crowd rather of in line with everyone else. Designers recognize that styles change and could tell you when it’s time for an update or when to introduce a hot form of technologies into website.

Many persons don’t consider that they’ll probably end up handling their own tech help issues when designing their own sites. Hiring a designer may take this responsibility off your shoulders. Problems may receive more swiftly than in the event you are striving to resolve them yourself. But, if you would like to be concerned with managing content, a designer may teach you that, too.

After your url is prepared to go, you’re going to need it to function for you. The just method to do that is with look engine promoting. Designers especially shape websites thus that look motors could locate them and rank them at the best of site listings. Designers equally understand where to receive your site indexed in directories and because accessible because potential to possible customers.

So whether or not you have the knowledge to build a website on your, you might like to hire a designer anyway. You’ll possibly enjoy spending the time on generating your company product of service while the designer makes does the advertising.

Twitter Marketing Can Be An Affordable Means To Get More Traffic

Twitter is an instant messaging tool that some individuals would call a microblog. This tool is utilized by individuals around the world employ each day to gain an audience with numerous messages. It can embody a potent signifies to present countless goods and services to some quite big groups of possible customers. Twitter advertising is effective and also an affordable means of gaining exposure for simply about every form of product conceivable.

A organization may use a Twitter account to reach out to thousands of individuals daily at no expense additional than work. The service is free and sustaining an account involves merely composing especially brief messages and then posting them. A marketer may develop many different accounts for announcing separate product products. The website enables advertisements to be transmitted to a broad general audience or perhaps a targeted niche community.

In some respects, this primarily is utilized in a somewhat synonymous technique as practiced in e-mail advertising advertisments. A marketer might start by constructing a reader base around folks they wish To obtain the messages. This really is managed by placing together a group of ‘followers’ who might elect to consider messages from specific additional members. This really is usually accomplished by following others who have kindred concerns who could usually follow back.

Part of what makes this program thus effective is that it really is potential to develop these lists conveniently and target folks that are particularly drawn to certain subjects. As an example, if your product is software, you’d like to follow groups of Twitterers who mention software in their posts and ask those to follow you. Then, you are able to post relevant information on your items.

Since Twitter just enables posting of the content of no over 140 characters, the most commonly known way of utilizing this social media is to refer folks to a website site or website. This really is done through placing up an absorbing headline and a link that forces traffic to different website. When a reader sees subjects that may interest them, they may then employ that link to find out more and are guided to a detailed sales presentation.

Another method to employ the persistent flow of these messages is for researching subjects. It can be potential to look throughout the content streams to locate out what exactly is being reported about any particular topic. By studying the perpetual thoughts place out by additional posters, information about common styles and activity of competitors is gathered up and then used according to your sales plans. Feedback may be used to help in improving service to existing and possible customers.

By utilizing Twitter advertising to present your business in interesting messages you are able to improve your product brand. It is an great method to provide the public upgrades on your company and also introduce unique prospects to your merchandise.

Paying the Way for Innovation

When an innovation team is produced by an organisation, everything is exciting and rosy at the begin. Filled with hope for the future, sponsors attach themselves to their new silver bullet that will resolve all their issues and wait for exciting results to arrive. In the initial limited months after they are made, the team could escape with practically anything.

But sooner or later, they’ll be called to account. Previously excited stakeholders usually commence to ask what they are getting for all cash they are committing. They may begin to question whether they could have gotten better results by investing in, for illustration, a Lean initiative.

Invariably, this usually arise in the initially 18 months, and budgets is called into query. Whilst everyone usually probably agree that the team has performed “useful work”, truly the only justification which anybody actually considers valid is any financial returns the team has produced.

Ultimately, if there are alternative solutions for investment that have been capable to justify themselves financially, as well as the innovation team has failed to do thus, it happens to be apparent where any rational company manager can find to direct funding in the future. This really is incredibly the case during a downturn, or at any different time an organisation is under strain.

So innovators should pay their own method, if their programmes are to exist in the lengthy expression.

Of course, it usually is the case that some innovations that may be considered don’t really have financial returns. As an example, efficiency improvements resulting from info technologies innovations are frequently key individuals for an innovation team. These usually usually add immense features which create employees function better or with better speeds, but could not cause direct financial consequences that is calculated. Obviously, there is value in doing these innovation, irrespective of the opportunity they’ll pay.

With that in your mind, then, how does an innovation team reconcile a non-financial innovation with its core driver to make good financial results?

The answer is the fact that it need a portfolio of innovations, a few of which pay, and some which don’t. Generally talking, there should be more of the past, naturally, as well as the apparent implication is the innovation team might naturally de-prioritise those innovations without good financial returns until it has paid the bills.

How Useful Are Wireless Door Alarms

Do you understand how helpful a wireless door alert is? Indeed, it really is 1 significant element that may guarantee security at house. Why? It is because it serves to provide the owner caution each time there are intruders in the premises. So if ever burglars are eyeing to receive through your house, you may be secured. Remember how frequent the prevalence of house breaking and entering is. However, apart from its element of protection, door sensors have other uses.

More homes are setting up wireless door sensors in their vicinity today. Along with them, warehouses, business companies and farms are additionally employing the utilization of these sensors. Users testify that they were offered utmost protection and security through it.

Door sensors are installed utilizing easy and simple signifies. You are able to only set it up by mounting the key transmitter in the door or windows where you need to place it and then set it in motion. If you are performed, then you are able to today be warned of unauthorized entries, even exits. You are able to make sure that no intruder may receive in your homes whether or not you may be away.

Wireless door sensors might come in 2 kinds. It either produces a loud piercing sound, or provides mute data to a central control panel. They use batteries to run and commonly come in pairs. A certain element is located at the door or window as well as the different is located at its frame. As a outcome, every time there is an unwelcome party striving to enter through the door, the pairs become disconnected therefore sounding off a piercing alert.

Not just are door sensors chosen in residences, they have been located in company shops, farms and even care offering units. It has been capable to give a proprietor calmness and safety about burglaries. If it occurs that couriers and visitors are at the premises, they will allow the owner recognize by the drive of the switch. Moreover, owners state that they felt secure during their company accountings.

In residential units, homeowners are provided caution each time their child attempts to go from the premises. Every parent might naturally wish To understand everything their child is doing this they will keep an eye on them. And if ever the kids attempt to go out, then they become aware of it.

If you’re taking care of senile adults or people with Alzheimer’s condition, door sensors is of ideal assist to you. The piercing that goes off has warned a great deal of caregivers and has frustrated people from further going outside certain vicinity.

The sound a wireless door alert delivers is around at 120 decibels. It refuses to stop unless the alert is disarmed or the door is sealed again. Such a piercing sound can be extremely unpleasant to the ears specifically if a individual is at the immediate vicinity of the alert.

No matter how protection aware you may be and just how rigid you may be with regards to closing doorways and windows, you can not manually substitute the efficacy of the wireless door alert. Even home protection experts commonly suggest that you install a door alert for a 100% protection.

Effective Marketing Through Flyers

Many of the little companies run on very narrow budgets, as well as the condition has become worse due to the present financial situation. With a scarcity of funds and resources, the tiny firms must invest tactfully thus that maximum output is reaped off their initiatives. Adopting advertising choices that are in the signifies but competitive is a wise answer for these companies, and herein lies the value of flyer printing.

If you have a business like an eating joint, a clothing shop or perhaps a hardware shop, you’ll know how much it pains to find your investments reduce on pricey marketing techniques. Moreover, huge marketing schemes are anyway unsuitable for a localized establishment.

Flyer printing is not just inexpensive compared to additional types of advertising mediums and is very efficient in generating public awareness and superior opinion about your company. It is regarded as the many attractive techniques of advertising, and of generating an unaided remember in the consumer’s notice.

Before you print flyers, you need to provide thoughtful thought to several factors. The paper selected ought to be the appropriate width. The final shape of the flyer as well as its contents, should be meticulously studied to avoid even the minimum of mistakes. Your firm loses credibility if your flyer displays perceptible errors in spellings, grammar or the content. Utilize of dull colors in a flyer is as annoying to the human eye as is the overuse of colors that are too loud; therefore you need to choose a balanced approach. The images printed found on the flyer ought to be chosen with care and could have enough resolution to come out perfectly in the print.

It is important for little companies to explore the possibility of flyer printing. It is a efficient advertising approach. It can help save you revenue and effort, that you will use in running your company more effectively.

Is Managed Dedicated Web Hosting Right For You?

Managed devoted internet hosting is for an individual or organization that wants storage and bandwidth without the restrictions that you receive by selecting a free internet hosting service. If you have a website that you like to have more bells and whistles programmed into it, then managed devoted hosting is the path to take. Because free internet hosting is “free”, it is very limited in just what it will provide and usually you may be forced to accept the hosting services advertising information.

Dedicated services provide you more e-mail addresses, occasionally as much as 500 addresses. Dedicated hosting may furthermore add database and storage qualities that go perfectly beyond what a free hosting service delivers. This enables the development of applications that allow you to shop information found on the host side equally and have questions and alternative kinds of system and programming scripts embedded into your site.

Bandwidth is usually the largest condition facing any website. Some sites utilize because much because a 1000Gb monthly, some more. What is Bandwidth? It’s a measure of the amount of information traveling in both instructions found on the url. Knowing how much bandwidth you might require is an important element of the internet hosting considerations. If someone offer limitless bandwidth, check their acceptable employ policies. You can discover that their ‘unlimited’ employ plan is very limited.

If you’re running tiny applications then this kind of hosting service may serve. Businesses are seldom stagnant and those that are usually don’t last, A growing company is 1 that is moving forward along with a devoted host will move forward with them.

If you intend running applications of 500GB or even more, really consider a internet hosting package that provides plenty. You are able to then choose a internet hosting program for your company based found on the kind of applications you intend utilizing. Sites that stream movie, employ a great deal of images or sound files, or websites such as membership facilities like file downloads usually need big bandwidth limits. As any company grows, thus to does its want for storage and site bandwidth.

Dedicated internet hosting ought to be the initially choice for any company. There are a variety of packages accessible with some accommodating direct no hassle upgrades. Upgrading storage and bandwidth is significant, but, beginning with allocations that meet intended future demands is frequently how to commence. Naturally, an alternative is to choose an self managed internet hosting package (sometimes known as consumer end managed internet hosting packages). With self managed, you have complete control over your host. Technical issued connected to your internet host should be handled by yourself or perhaps a an expert you employ.

How Many Blog Types Can You Name

Blogs have taken online. Fifteen years ago they didn’t exist, today many persons have 1. What is a website? As you possibly recognize, a website is a site that functions as a diary or scrapbook. Folks write what they are thinking about or are interested in.

However, what type exist? What do writers employ them for? And possibly more interesting a query, why might you need your website? This post might look into a little test of the type of blogs available. It are not an thorough report; you’d want a limited books to do that theme justice. Box standard blogs. These are your typical, usually boring, diaries, where somebody begins to speak and speak about the newest condition they have, the last film they went to find, how numerous boyfriends they have and additional fascinating topics.

Specialized Blogging. This pertains to blogs on niche topics like, bookbinding, a rock group, rock climbing or nail biting techniques, mice races, anything. You never think there are sites on mice races? Check. This really is possibly the greatest element of blogs, they are about every topic under the sunlight, meaning that in the event you are interested in anything the odds are someone is absolutely blogging about it.

Hobbies blogs. These blogs are created for a niche audience that share some interest. The amount of interests and interests that have their own website is big. There are them on any topic you are able to think of. Can you imagine composing a url found on the fascinating globe of rat races? So in the event you look for it on your favorite look engine you are able to read about it.

Affiliate Writing. This really is not thus much as a kind of website as a cause for blogging. They have evolved from egocentric diaries for the globe to share to company some individuals do very effectively from. How do individuals create income off their website? In a range of techniques. The will receive paid from advertisement word adverts from Google or other advertising agency; sell advertising straight, although you usually need to be capable to confirm your traffic is very significant to do that; or by marketing or assisting others to sell stuff. That might sound unusual in the event you have not been included with affiliate advertising.

Affiliate advertising is easy absolutely. You receive paid to aid others market their product. A typical method to create funds from affiliate advertising is by composing a post, or page, on a certain product. They usually include a link to the product they are speaking about and if somebody purchases anything after pressing on 1 of the hyperlinks they receive a percentage of what the individual purchased.

As you see there is not a end to the kind of blogs that exist or may exist. Should you have a talent or an interest you want to share with all the globe, blogs may be the path to take.

What Are Some Of The Wii Fit Advantages?

The reports for the Wii Fit over the last year have been positive. Everyone appears to agree that it must be superb fun. Is there more with it than that? Does it reside about its claims? Is it really beneficial as an exercise tool? In this short article we are going to take a consider a few of the Wii Fit advantages and receive some answers to your issues about its efficiency.

The most of individuals lead sedentary lives. Most of us function sitting down at a desk, not at hard manual work. Even kids, who utilized to be enjoyed outside everyday after school, stay inside playing games or hearing to music. In brief, folks never receive enough exercise. This game is a excellent tool to employ to receive the family up and moving together. It is fun to observe others utilizing the game. There are 40 different escapades and 3 different degrees to utilize. Each person’s fitness statistics is locked thus nobody else could see your fat or alternative info.

Most gym membership expense into the thousands of $ per year, depending on your locale. The Wii Fit’s buy cost is under $210 USD for the balance board as well as the game CD. They could additionally be bought individually.

If you do purchase a gym membership, you nonetheless want time to go to the center and utilize it. It is easy to place going to the gym at the bottom of the to-do list and just finding time to go exercise sporadically. You are able to exercise with all the Fit appropriate in your own living room and doing a routine takes you lower than an hr.

Each time you step onto the Wii balance board it takes the body mass index (BMI) and your fat before you start. This really is very advantageous for monitoring your progress. No more recalling to do it by hand, losing the records or messing with all the scale balance system to test and receive the lowest potential reading. The games are selected according to how severalpounds each individual would like to lose or gain.

Everyone who utilizes the game creates their own Mii character who does the exercises in the game, that is controlled by the individual found on the balance board. What you do found on the balance board, the Mii does in the game. It has easy-to-follow instructions as well as the routine is chosen based found on the amount of pounds you need to gain or lose, and your fitness level. It is never too hard or too simple. Beginners specifically enjoy utilizing Wii Fit.

If you never absolutely have the Wii console, you need to buy it before you are able to utilize the game. Once you have the system set up, merely place the game CD in, connect the balance board and start playing the games (exercise routines).

While the Wii Fit advantages are plentiful for somebody who is only getting into a fitness habit, it won’t take the area of the gym or different strenuous exercise routine for those absolutely in advantageous form. But, even for those persons, it is actually nevertheless a great deal of fun to play with and surely value the investment.

All Sorts of Mobile Phones Reviewed

Samsung J750: It was just last October 2007 when Samsung introduced their sleek, streamlined model the Samsung J750, and absolutely the telephone has garnered a great deal of positive raves and reports. And it really is just fair as there is a lot to love with Samsung’s small amount. First thing 1 sees, for apparent factors, is the J750’s beautiful and brilliant shape. Though efficient simplicity is key with this device, it is very nonetheless edgy with all the curves in every the appropriate places. And the slider device does wonders, particularly when sliding it available to present the innovative keypad shape. But not allow its looks trick you, for what your eyes see in the J750 is nothing compared to just what it will do to your senses. This unassuming small telephone is teeming with functionality and attributes that the consumer might definitely love. Samsung undoubtedly knew exactly what it was doing when they conceptualized the J750.

Samsung E250: Samsung is the type of brand that you neither love nor detest. Be it with their house stereo components, tv sets, media players, and cell phones, there is simply anything about it that eludes the marketplace. Is it shortage of innovation? Cetainly not. But people’s encounters never light up at the mere mention of their name. Maybe it’s because they simply have constantly been found on the secure side of points. Their designs never reach out and grab you by your heart and throat the means a Sony Bravia or perhaps a Pioneer micro component would do. But with all the launch of their mobile telephone model the Samsung E250, they can shortly turn the tables about.

Nokia 6233: As if to solidify their mark in the mobile telephone marketplace, Nokia provides us another gem with all the Nokia 6233. It’s a candy bar sort telephone with the appropriate benefits for the contemporary consumer, including 3G abilities. A definite budget answer for those shopping for 3G functionality but never like to splurge too much cash on a smart telephone. Being labeled with all the 6233 signifies it is the worthy successor to the line of Nokia 62 series including the 6230 as well as its follow up, the 6230i.

Sony Ericsson W580i: The W580i is another product by the Sony and Ericsson combined effort. The unit’s fashionable and no frills shape uses a slide starting device and is obtainable in equally appealing silver / orange and black / orange color combinations. The modern Walkman logo appropriate beneath the screen alone is enough to create many mobile telephone aficionados’ hearts commence pumping. Many specifically true for the music loving mobile telephone consumer searching for seamless cellular phone and media player integration. The W580i’s music player may play back not just MP3 files but AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA files also, creating it versatile. So Apple consumers would delight in this truth as a great deal of Mac consumers like the AAC structure.

Samsung L320: With the L320, Samsung unveils a sleek mobile telephone with all the woman demography in your mind. It is piece of Samsung’s La Fleur collection which equally involves the Samsung L310. Its shape uses the smooth running clamshell sort blueprint with double screens (OLED and TFT) which exudes femininity and contemporary metropolitan chic. The OLED show functions as an outside screen to let fast watching of info when the clamshell is shut. When opened, the internal screen of 1.9 inches with about 65k hues is revealed in every its 176 x 220 pixel beauty. I’m guessing the clamshell body will be a definite hit among the woman customers as they can drop their cell phones inside their purses or handbags among alternative aspects, without the requirement to buy more protective shells or silicone instances to keep their phones from getting nicked or scratched.