Monthly Archives: March 2009

Let’s boost CompactFlash speed

Lexar can provide impressive fresh quicker and high ability CompactFlash cards. Seems that these brand-new cards can have a speed close to UDMA 6’s thereshold of 100MB/second. This signifies doubling the speed of actual cards!

Actual top cards from Lexar utilize UDMA standard, practically a transfer information speed of 45MB/second.

The fresh “UDMA 6” cards can have additionally a capability of 32GB, but just new Single Lens Reflex cameras might help this quicker technologies.

A quicker memory card may boost your lifetime as photographer, you are able to shoot continuously, you are able to review the information more conveniently and trasferring the images is quicker, naturally.

But this might be not the maximum speed reachable. In 18 to 24 months may arrive the CFast CompactFlash card standard.

The CFast cards might employ a SATA interface that will boost the transfer rate to an incredible 375MB/second.