Monthly Archives: February 2009

Work and study faster with the new Atom cpu

The fresh Atom cpu from Intel makes us function and research quicker! These effective netbook cpus are coming out a bit earlier than expected.

We are chatting about the brand-new Atom N280 from Intel, with a 1667 MHz clock, it may utilize 2 watts just. You’ll discover the N280 in the Asus Eee Pc 1000HE and Acer Aspire One D150, but probably more netbooks may utilize it in the upcoming months. Speed and vitality savings are not truly the only qualities.

Along with all the cpu, a fresh chipset, the GN40, allows the Atom to play back HD movie at 720p. It’s well-defined that Intel is striving to face the Nvidia Ion Platform which combines an Atom processor with an Nvidia chip, being capable to reach 1080p HD images.

In april we’ll be capable to find additionally a modern Intel cpu, this time the clock is at 1860 MHz. The name of the cpu is Z540, but I’m sure we’ll see a lot more qualities carried out by Intel for that month as well as the upcoming ones.

In the meantime, let’s buy a unique netbook with all the Atom N280. Don’t forget to purchase moreover a couple of films to test the HD video!