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Start time: 2006-3-1 End time: 2006-3-3 Venue: No. 501 Guangdong Road, Shanghai, Canton 507? 509 rooms Sponsored by: Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering thermoelectric special committee / Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Pudong Branch Sponsor: Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corporation Show Overview: Co-Organizer: China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, Auxiliary Power Branch / China International Trade Promotion Committee Metallurgy Branch / Shanghai Electric Enterprise Association Show Description: The reason for power plant desulfurization and denitrification participants great opportunities State Economic and Trade Commission last February issue of the “thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization equipment at home planning points” emphasized the power desulfurization direction, this year’s national power company decided to increase the power plant power plant desulfurization efforts to strive for in recent years installation of power plants in power stations and desulfurization equipment, we can see a huge potential market power desulfurization. 1, the meeting scheduled for 06 gold a year March 1 to March 3 meeting at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre is the first show beginning of the year, is beginning a year advertising business opportunity it back to harvest. 2, a solid industrial base: Shanghai is China’s window for the world’s largest, is the world’s fifth largest city, is also the commercial center of China’s Yangtze River Delta. National electricity industry base, a strong industrial base for the exhibition to provide a large number of producers and users. 3, a huge power shortage triggered a large-scale investment in electricity, power supply and demand situation is grim mainly East China Power Grid, the Grid, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai is still the national power supply and demand situation in the most tense areas. 4, reverse marketing, find someone to buyers underwent breeze. Organizing Committee by more than a year of preparation, and the world in dozens of countries and provinces and cities domestic power base in the depth of communication has been received from domestic and world tour of more than 820 copies of purchase receipts. Results lay the foundation for exhibitors participating. An exhibition of two harvest Most authoritative news at home and abroad, TV and radio, magazines, websites and do a lot of publicity. 1, using the China International Trade Promotion Committee to promote a strong overseas network, the exhibition fee. Huge consumer market of East China: more than 20 domestic and foreign power industry base in provincial and municipal associations, more than 150 professional media combined power, while China Electric Power, Shanghai, China High-Tech Industry Herald, Xinwen Morning News, Youth Daily, and the Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and other mass media’s propaganda overseas and nearly 20 million visits mailing tickets and hand phone invite professional visitors, to ensure that both domestic and foreign buyers to the meeting. 2, expand overseas (global) market: with the world in dozens of countries and regions, associations, trade organizations, embassies and other co-operation in Shanghai, specific invitation and organization of professional buyers, business at home and abroad gathered in Shanghai . At the same time, during the organizing committee will arrange to be distributed to the relevant show tickets and tickets; and arrange for limousine transfer directly to a visit of foreign procurement. Held at the same technical exchange, product promotion will be: During the exhibition organizers welcome exhibitors at the exhibition will be held during the technical exchanges, product promotion and trade fairs will be conducted seminars, technical exchange activities, the organizers will assist in providing services to organizations audience, fully create opportunities for each Field 2 hours, 5,000 yuan each. Application Deadline: 2006-2-20 Exhibits: Scope of Exhibits: 1, power equipment, power station equipment and plant automation equipment: boilers and auxiliary equipment, generators and ancillary equipment, adjusting the camera, cooling systems and related equipment, coal handling and milling system, weighing measurement equipment, boiler, oil equipment, power system automation and power control instrumentation and related software; 2, power station auxiliary equipment and accessories: power station valves, pipes, fittings, bellows, expander, metal hose, heat exchanger, cooler, oil filter, compressor, pressure vessel , sensor, inverter, hydraulic machinery and accessories, reducers, power plant automation and control systems, power transmission and distribution equipment, power supply; 3, steam (water, gas) turbines and ancillary equipment: steam host, turbines, circulating water system, fuel devices, vacuum system, condensate, turbine, unit status monitoring and detection system; Other: Power Plant Construction Power Plant Construction machinery, equipment, safety, corrosion and lightning protection equipment, power plant environmental protection, water treatment and related equipment, new energy power generation and other, nuclear power and related products, solar combined cycle power plant wind turbine power plant control systems and related equipment; 4, desulphurization technology and equipment: dry desulfurization technology and equipment, semi-dry FGD technology and equipment, wet FGD technology and equipment, seawater desulphurization technology and equipment, ammonium phosphate compound fertilizer law (PAFP method) technology and equipment , electron beam technology and equipment, chemical desulphurization coal-fired boiler technology and equipment, metallurgical ore desulfurization technology and equipment, within the catalytic desulfurization technology and equipment, chemicals and refinery gas desulfurization equipment, gas desulfurization, oil, diesel oil, kerosene, etc. oil desulphurization technology and equipment; 5, denitrification technology and equipment: a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) method denitrification technology and equipment, select the non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) Act denitrification technology and equipment, absorption of NOx and equipment, adsorption and denitrification technology and equipment , plasma activation and denitrification technology and equipment, biochemical denitrification technology and equipment, air-staged combustion NOx technology and equipment, furnace reduction (IFNR) denitrification technology and equipment; 6, desulfurization and denitrification assistive technology and equipment: circulating fluidized bed equipment, separators, mixers, heat exchangers, various nozzles, pumps, valves, pipes and pipe fittings, anti-corrosion coatings, anti-corrosion materials and equipment, lining and the outer coating, electrochemical sensors, streamer corona – Radical Shower gas treatment plant, calcium injection technology and equipment, desulfurization, denitrification agent; 7, dust removal technology and equipment: mechanical removal techniques and equipment, technology and equipment, electrostatic precipitation (ESP), bag filter technology and equipment, wet dust removal technology and equipment, air filtration technology and equipment; 8, flue gas monitoring equipment and technology: data acquisition and processing equipment, systems and control devices, database management systems, data communication systems, gas composition analysis equipment, smoke meter, mass flow, temperature, pressure testing device; 9, clean coal technology and equipment: Coking coal preparation technology, high-sulfur coal washing technology, advanced coke, gasification technology and equipment, liquefaction technology and equipment, heavy medium cyclone

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